The Wisdom of Silence

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The Wisdom of Silence

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Three years ago, I made a congruent and committed decision to design my life full of joy, fun, and fulfillment.

I was only a junior in high school, but it was the best decision of my life–the decision to no longer endure mediocrity.

Relentless reading, listening, learning, living, and growing ensued this decision. All the while, I was a silent observer, but a silent observer with a plan to change my life forever.

I was silent for the first year and a half of this great journey, until December 2016 when I realized I had something of great value to share with you.

For the next year and a half, up until recently, I dispensed every nugget of value I possessed. I gave it all away–my ideas, my perspectives, how to eat healthy without ever cheating, transformational vocabulary, how to make the Goddess of Good Luck favor you, how to make 35% on your investment portfolio this year, my millionaire morning routine, how to be productive instead of busy, and so much more.

I wrote 150+ blog posts, recorded 34 podcasts, and even wrote a 184-page book.

It’s been an incredible run that has returned as much joy to me as it has my readers and listeners.

But now I’m taking a backseat. I think it would be best for me, and everyone else, if I shut up for a while because I’m out of original ideas at this point. What’s the point of spewing out low-value work just for work’s sake?

The past few weeks, I have become a silent observer of life once again, a silent observer with a plan to take my life to the next level. I’ll still podcast once per week, of course, because I merely listen to the guests (who are smarter than me) that I bring on. I simply listen and learn while I record. The blog posts, though, will be significantly scaled back for the time being.

I’m excited to see what comes of my silence, as I’ve already learned so much by sitting back and shutting my mouth that my 4-month-old book is becoming outdated!

It’s about that time, it really is. It’s time for me to gear up for the work of my life, something much bigger, much better than Growth Mindset University.

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