What’s the Rush?

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What’s the Rush?

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We can’t wait.

When we’re showering, we think about getting dressed.

When we’re getting dressed, we think about driving to work.

When we’re driving to work, we think about being at work.

When we’re at work, we think about going home.

When we’re going home, we think about going to bed.

When we’re going to bed, we think about waking up.

Then the process repeats itself.

On a macro level, the principle is the same:

When we’re building our careers, we can’t wait to make it already.

When we make it, we long for the days when we were hustling, the good old days.

What happened to being present, what happened to being in the here and now?

When in the shower, just shower.

When getting dressed, just get dressed.

When driving to work, just drive to work.

When at work, just be at work.

When going home, just go home.

When going to bed, just go to bed.

Wherever you are, be all there. Don’t rush to the next moment, to the next event.

What’s the rush anyway?

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