What Happened to That Big Food Experiment?

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What Happened to That Big Food Experiment?

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Back in December, I had the grand idea of eating like crap for a few weeks and comparing blood tests from before and after in an effort to show people just how much food is affecting them. I’ve read tons of research that supports what I believe, but I thought it would be helpful to experience it all for myself.

I posted this on Facebook announcing my experiment:

People were intrigued. Some of my fellow Men’s Health friends were genuinely concerned. My friends were excited to finally go out to eat with me. Overall, people were eager to see the results. I was excited to take on the experiment.

A few days later, I got my blood tests done, proceeded to eat like crap over the next 24 hours, and I updated everyone with another post.

But I stopped after day one. What gives?

Well, I noticed that I was feeling sad and conflicted.

My top value, which is health, had been breached.

I couldn’t do it any longer than a day because eating healthy supports my values, my vision, and my entire lifestyle.

What makes it funny is that a friend texted another one of my friends betting that I wouldn’t last more than a day.

Moral of the story: Always ensure your actions align with your affirmations and values, or you may be left feeling sad and conflicted, as I was.

P.s. I did get my “before” blood tests back though, and the results were to be expected when following the LIFE Diet: fantastic.

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