What Defines You – A Tale About Money

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What Defines You – A Tale About Money

Take a 20 dollar bill and go to the closest public transportation stop.

Walk up to someone and say “I’ll sell you this $20 bill for $1”.

Nobody will buy it from you.

There are some reasons for this:

  1. Nobody hopes to complete a financial transaction at the bus stop.
  2. Only a crazy person would sell you a real 20 dollar bill for a dollar, and dealing with crazy people is tricky, so this must not be a real 20 dollar bill and you should just walk away.

Now here’s another story:

Put a 20 dollar bill in your neighbor’s mailbox and walk away. Do this 4 days in a row.

On the fifth day, knock on your neighbor’s door and say “Hey, I’m the one that’s been putting $20 in your mailbox, here’s another one, wanna buy it for a dollar?”

You’ll sell it.

Because your neighbor knows your crazy, but crazy in a very special way.

And you’ve earned their trust. They know it’s a real 20 dollar bill.

In our minds, we go along assuming that $20 is worth $20.

But that’s not true. It’s a mutual belief and if the belief isn’t present, then they are worth nothing.

Is money a reflection of your worth as a human?

That number you see on a screen, does that define you?

If you ask me, I’d say 2 things define you:

  • The value you’ve contributed to the people who you share this great Earth with.

  • How successful you are. And by successful, I mean happy.

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Onward and upward,

Jordan Paris, NASM CPT

#WakeUpHappy with new posts in your inbox at 9 am

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