The Universal Perspective | Official Book Unannouncement

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The Universal Perspective | Official Book Unannouncement

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Superstars, in the form of humans, do not exist.

In a universe where we have discovered over 100 BILLION galaxies, with that number set to double as telescope technology improves in the years to come, there are no humans who are superstars. Not to mention, we’re only alive for roughly 80 out of the 13.5 billion years the universe has existed.

We’re just small particles, insignificant life forms, many of whom think they are “superstars.”

The only superstars that exist are thousands of light years away, at a minimum. For example, VY Canaris Major is a star that has a diameter 155,000 times the size of Earth, and like a billion times the size of one human. That is a real superstar.

You may say, “alright, whatever Jordan” because these numbers are tough even to comprehend. But here’s the whole key:

I don’t matter. You don’t matter. We don’t matter, the richest and most famous people in the world don’t matter. This is not harsh, but freeing. It allows us to hold our egos lightly, to face our “fears,” and to laugh at ourselves and enjoy life.

This, I call The Universal Perspective.

I wrote this exactly a week before my first book, Growth Mindset University, came out. I was gearing up to write this new book, The Universal Perspective. I started writing it May 18, the day after my book was released. I wrote about five pages and said publicly in podcast interviews that I was releasing this new work in Fall 2018. I even designed a beautiful cover and ordered a physical proof of it.

But, unlike my first book, it was merely speculative. There were no actions to be taken from this book, no lifestyle changes to be made. I realized that this sort of speculatory book would merely be a waste of peoples’ time, much less my own time.

So, I trashed it. No Universal Perspective book.

People knew I was writing another book, and what’s funny is that I got a letter from a reader in mid-summer saying, “… congrats on your first book as you are probably done you’re second one by now (LOL).” Far from it.

The lesson here is nothing new: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Just stop making announcements on social media and elsewhere and simply take action. Only after the successful completion of a task, it should be announced, if at all. Less talking, more doing. Work hard, stay humble.

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