To Be or To Do?

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To Be or To Do?

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We can paint rosy pictures of ourselves, or better yet, post them on Instagram and Facebook.

We can set audacious goals, then project them onto our peers.

We can make big announcements and status updates before ever actually completing an ounce of work.

We can tell ourselves and others that we are readers, or that we plan to become avid readers, tomorrow for sure.

This is “to be.”

But you know what? Most of these people who talk never follow through and do what they say they are going to do. They rarely even put any effort forth.

They never bridge the gap between affirmations and actions with discipline and hard work.

This is a sure sign of the ego talking big, because the ego wants to be big and great, while doing little to nothing at all to back up the big talk.

However, there are some people who put their heads down, with mouths shut, and work diligently.

This is “to do.” These are life’s champions, although they never view themselves as such. They have no large ego, nobody to perform for, just work to be done.

I guess this makes our answer quite clear:

To do, while it may be the path less traveled, it is the path most worthy of traveling.

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