Life is Open Note

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Life is Open Note

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If you had to take an open-note test on a particular subject, and you had a whole notebook filled with the answers, wouldn’t you want to use that notebook while taking the test? I know I would!

Now imagine that life was an open-note test, and you had the answers in front of you in the form of books (which we all have access to), wouldn’t it make sense to use those answers to help guide you? It sure would make sense.

Then how come so many people pass up the opportunity to use the notes available to them during the test even when it is not considered cheating? With smartphones intruding the world, reading seems to have become much less frequent than it used to be. I’m sad to see it. In fact, as part of the most informal study ever conducted on planet Earth, only 27 percent of my Instagram followers reported that they read on a daily basis when I polled them through my story. That means that 73 percent of my peers choose not to use the notes available to them.

This analogy of taking an open-note test portrays how I feel about books in our world, except it’s as if I’m cheating because most people don’t use these books. But the fact of the matter is that I’m not cheating. Books aren’t illegal yet, are they?

The knowledge I have gained from the books I’ve read has proven to be pivotal in the big picture of my journey through life to this point. Although books have never given me exact answers to problems (and they never will), they have effectively pointed me in the right direction of growing into my best self

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