Less Generic, More Specific

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Less Generic, More Specific

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Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google’s first page of search rankings. It’s the dream of businesses small and large.

Gangster Vegan is a great vegan cafe I go to from time to time. Everyone loves it. With two locations, they are a very small business.

Ranking #1 for the keywords “vegan” or “vegan cafe” is near impossible unless hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to get there. Gangster Vegan will likely never rank anywhere near the top for these keywords, perhaps not even the top 20 pages. It’s because these are generic keywords.

But guess what? If you type in “gangster vegan,” you’ll find them. In fact, they are the only result you’ll see for almost 10 pages. It’s because this is a specific keyword.

To be found, you’ll more than likely have to be less generic and more specific.

It’s the same principle in all of life. There are over seven billion people on Earth, so, if you want to be noticed, you have to be different, you have to be an oddball, you have to be specific.

Be specific, and you’ll be worth talking about, which will lead to people seeking you out and searching for you in terms of the specific.

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