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Who are you and why does what you say even matter?

I am Jordan Paris; just some 21-year-old dude who reads a bunch, loves writing, and lives life a bit differently than most my age. But in a universe that contains hundreds of billions of galaxies (infinite?) and that has existed for over 13 billion years (also infinite?), I am one small speck of dust composed mostly of tiny bacteria and I’m only around for roughly 80 years. In other words, what I say does not matter too much. But this Universal Perspective is freeing more than anything else.

Other than that, I grew up just outside of Philadelphia and I go to school at Florida Gulf Coast University, but we don’t learn much of value in school so I do most of my learning on my own, voluntarily, the way learning should be.

What's your Philosophy?

This is a loaded question. I’ll put it simply; in an ever-changing world, the only thing we need to learn is how to learn. And I believe we can learn anything if we become sponges that are open to new ideas, thus allowing for the opportunity to soak things up. For more insight, listen below!

Where can I find your book?

On Amazon!


Why Do You Write?

Admittedly, I write for selfish reasons in that I grow by projecting my thoughts and ideas out into the universe for all to see. There’s something about writing that enables you to expand on your ideas, which is great for me. But sometimes, my writing helps others too, so that’s pretty cool, an added bonus.

Why Do You Choose to Write Books as a College Kid Instead of Getting Hammered?

Because getting hammered isn’t what’s most fun for me, writing is. Being irresponsible is fun once every few months though. It’s all about balance, the ultimate goal. I can be an intellectual writer and thinker most of the time, but I can also be a degenerate frat dude too, which is perfectly healthy.

Why is This Website Called

Well, I started out just as a 19 year old personal trainer who refused to work for anyone else at some gym. So, this website was a way to get clients by showcasing my in-home training services and to help others become healthy and fit. It was all about physical health. Now it’s completely different; it is a collection of wide-ranging ideas and perspectives that embody health of the body, mind, spirit, and business. Above all else, it is a documentation of my learning experiences.

What is your mission and vision?

I live to learn and I grow to give to realize my vision of a world where the majority of people feel empowered to seek their truth and creatively design their lives in the manner they wish.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Not sure, I’ll probably be asking myself that question until I’m 94 years old.

How Can I Wake Up Happy with New Posts in My Morning Inbox?

Below Amigo/a!

Want the LIFE Diet?

May I stalk you on social media?

Go right ahead.

What does life beautifully designed look like to you?

Lots of love, laughter, learning, growth, and giving. I break each of these components down at the end of episode 6, “Life Beautifully Designed”, of my podcast Growth Mindset University.

What's the coolest thing you've ever done?

I was a college cheerleader for two years that did backflips and lifted humans above my head nearly every day, which I never would have imagined in a million years.

What do you believe to be true of the world?

  1. The Law of Infinite Truths – What is true for you may not be true for me. Anything can be true for anyone. Therefore, anything can be true.
  2. The Law of Accuracy – We are all wrong. We think we’ve got everything all figured out, but the more I learn, the more I realize how little we know.
  3. The Law of Wisdom – Since anything can be true and we are simultaneously all wrong, the only thing that leads to “wisdom” is merely an accumulation of perspectives.

Woah, that was deep man, can you chill?

For now, sure, but I prefer to dig deeper than surface level with most I say and do. If that’s not your thing, I fear you may be on the wrong website.

Is this almost over?

Getting there!

Which are your favorite blog posts?

Can we talk?

What's next?

Subscribe if you haven’t already, get off the black hole that is the internet, and go paint a masterpiece with your blank canvas of a day! Explore, create, inspire! Live!

My Teachers

My Uncle Brian taught me how to think, constantly challenged me to be my best self and to step up, and he’s a fantastic role model. If it wasn’t for his guidance, I’m not sure who I would be today.

As a teen, I was in awe of Steve‘s lifestyle. Steve is a celebrity trainer in LA. He’s trained some of the biggest stars and athletes in the United States, from Tobey Maguire (Spiderman!!), Jordan Belfort, Arianna Huffington, Brad Paisley, and many more. He’s been in most major publications, magazine covers, and even books. What’s most inspiring about Steve is his story; he suffered a traumatic brain injury so bad in college that Doctors weren’t sure if he would live, much less function as a world-class high performer. So I reached out to this guy to learn from him. And one day, as a senior in high school, I asked him if I could come to LA in the summer to be his intern… and he said heck yeah! This was the birth of my career… not as a trainer, but as a High Performance Health and Life Coach that empowers individuals to be their best selves TODAY. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country and he’s twice my age, Steve has become one of my greatest friends. I still go out to LA in the summers to work with him and even run his studio when he goes away.

Jordan Paris and Steve Jordan

Jordan Paris and Steve Jordan

Jordan Paris and Steve Jordan

Jim is a super smart man with a super inspiring story and superpowers, literally. Learning is his superpower and I’ve adopted that as my own superpower as well.

Jim Kwik and Jordan Paris

Tony taught me empowering thought patterns and opened me up to explore the world and my own potential.

Jordan Paris

Simon is a true genius in communication, business, and in life. He taught me to start with why in everything I think, say, and do.

My Favorite Books

This was the first self-improvement book I ever read. I was a junior in high school when my Uncle Brian pointed me in Tony Robbin’s direction. It took me almost 2 months to read but boy am I glad I finished it. This powerful book changed my life forever.

Jordan Paris

This book filled with Toltec wisdom taught me the mastery of love (obviously), which is to love and respect YOURSELF, and it transformed my self talk from “am I good enough for this person?” to an empowering “is this person good enough for me?”, among other major changes.

Well, the title explains it all. This famous book from all the way back in 1936 (!) lays out the fundamentals of effective communication. This is beneficial for anyone who steps foot in public.

This is the book that laid the foundation of my knowledge on health. It won’t give you everything but this is what I recommend to those looking to learn the basics.

Along with The Mastery of Love, this book made my self talk much healthier and I know it can do the same for you as well.

Simon Sinek is a genius. He teaches a better way of communicating, he teaches us to start with WHY in a world where people start with WHAT.

Great companies and great communicators communicate from the inside out. He talks about how effectively companies like Apple, Harley Davidson, and Soutwest Airlines have done this, and thus created an undying loyalty among employees and customers.

Simon personifies Apple’s communication style…

If Apple were like everyone else, a marketing message from them might sound like this:

We make great computers.

They’re beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly.

Wanna buy one?

Here’s how Apple actually communicates:

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly.

We just happen to make great computers, wanna buy one?

The difference, the former leaves you saying “eh” while the latter is inspiring. And that’s the concept behind this great book.

My life in pictures


I’ve always believed that if you have the opportunity to do something amazing with your life, you should take someone with you. And I want to take YOU, my friend. I want to share hope, inspiration, good health, and fulfillment with you. Let’s rise together.


I’ve always believed that if you have the opportunity to do something amazing with your life, you should take someone with you. And I want to take YOU, my friend. I want to share hope, inspiration, good health, and fulfillment with you. Let’s rise together.


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