How to Not Be a Crack Addict

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How to Not Be a Crack Addict

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Today, I want to talk about how to not get addicted to crack, as it seems to be a mountainous task today. And by crack, I mean smartphones and antisocial media, of course.

In my post the other day, How to Eat Healthy and Never Cheat, I talked about several key points:

  • You don’t have any more willpower than the average person.
  • The more you limit the number of decisions you must make, the easier it is to eat healthy.
  • You have to set up your environment for success. If you don’t keep junk food in the house, you will succeed.

Not being a crack addict is much the same as being healthy and never cheating. Since we know we don’t have any more willpower than the average person, we can’t trust ourselves to have crack on us at all times. If you have it on you, you’re gonna take the drug, duh.

So, if we can remove the crack from our environment by deleting ALL social media apps from our phone, then we will not be crack addicts. And you won’t miss antisocial media either. You’ll just start to, ya know, enjoy life. And perhaps be more social by dignifying the human being right next to you instead of burying your face in Instagram.

Now, I’m not asking you to delete your accounts, just the apps. I’m not that insane guys.

Just delete the apps, and download them when you feel the social pressure to post something. All of my accounts still exist, and I can assure you that nobody notices that I don’t have the apps on my phone. Not only that, but people really don’t give a fuck about what I post or if I scroll for 3 hours per day anyway. Nobody cares as much as you think they do, but that’s a good thing.

By deleting the apps, the urge to scroll mindlessly through posts of people you don’t care about goes away when you realize you have to re-download the app to do so. It’s just a pain, so the bad habit ends almost entirely.

Taking it a step further: when you go to sleep at night, leave your crack (phone) OUTSIDE of the bedroom. This eliminates 30 minutes of wasting time on the phone before you go to bed and 30 minutes upon waking.

And let me say this: if the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone, you’re fucking up because that’s how you make a cake with cement (meaning, it’s a recipe for misery).

Set up your environment for success. Delete the crack from your phone. Keep the crack out of your room. Eliminate the number of decisions you have to make (instead of wondering all day, “should I check Instagram?” … delete it).

It’s easier than you think to hop off the crack addiction train.

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