Why Formal Education Is a Huge Scam

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Why Formal Education Is a Huge Scam

Formal education is a scam.

Education has popped up in conversation with many guests on the podcast, so this is a “Best Of” episode that highlights the best excerpts on this topic from the past few months.

Tuition prices are going through the roof while the value of a degree is plummeting.

Friends of mine are graduating with finance degrees and getting serving jobs. And if they do get a job, it’s a dead-end one where they end up miserable.

I have never understood the concept of working your tail off doing pointless busy-work all in the hopes of getting a job where the people that currently have that job are unhappy with it.

This is bad enough, but what makes it worse is the fact that what we’re learning is archaic. We’re learning about newspaper print ads, inventory carrying costs, categories of equipment based service, and the degree of the angle at which a ladder leans against a wall. Archaic, irrelevant, silly.

What about the psychology of investing (Tony Robbins), how not to split the difference in a negotiation (Christopher Voss), why we should start with why in terms of branding, marketing, and communication (Simon Sinek), how to network, hold a conversation, and make people like you (Vanessa Van Edwards) … why aren’t we learning the important, relevant stuff?

The nail in the coffin is that I would never take any sort of life advice from 90% of my professors.

I want to make it clear I am not blaming the professors. It is the system. It seems that many classes are under strict regulation as to what they must do, which ends up being McGraw-Hill Education generic notes, Mcgraw Hill homework and quizzes that you can just click through without paying attention and still get an A on, test questions with an emphasis on rote memorization auto-generated by Mcgraw Hill’s question bank which are then auto-graded with scantrons. The teacher has essentially been removed from the equation, and we all go to Mcgraw Hill University. I would love to see these teachers unleashed, spread their wings, and see what they can really do.

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Excerpt 1: Justin Nguyen
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Excerpt 5: Ava Wettrick

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