Education’s Shortcomings w 17 Year-Old Podcaster Ava Wettrick

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Education’s Shortcomings w 17 Year-Old Podcaster Ava Wettrick

Welcome to episode 31 of Growth Mindset University! Our guest today is a 17-year-old high-schooler recently seen in Forbes, the host of the MentorZ Podcast, and the founder of MentorZ Media. She has also had the pleasure of having conversations with some of the most influential human beings on earth: Tim Ferriss, Tom Bilyeu, Seth Godin, and many more.

Her name is Ava Wettrick and she is THE REAL DEAL. She is incredibly intelligent, enlightened, and self-aware.

Ava and Jordan’s talking points:

– How to get in touch with hard to reach people.
– The shortcomings of today’s outdated education system.
– How to know whether you should go to college or not.
– Generation Z’s inability to form deep and meaningful relationships due to … cell phones.
– Finding meaning and purpose.
– How to pinpoint the root causes of blanket terms like depression and sadness.

This is our best episode to date, and Ava Wettrick is not someone you want to miss out on.

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