Make a Promise to Never Give Up | Trust the Process

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Make a Promise to Never Give Up | Trust the Process

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This is episode 27 of the Growth Mindset University Podcast.

For the first time in a long time, I’m seeing an uptick in real measurables in my life and business.

My website traffic has multiplied by six already in 2018, after a full year of no growth. The SEO scores on all my websites and even my client’s websites have multiplied at an unprecedented level in just the past three weeks. My income has multiplied by four compared to last year. My podcast audience has doubled and almost tripled every month since its inception on April 17.

Side note with the podcast growth: As you can see in the chart, at the beginning of June our podcast seemed to be dead in the water, with only 9 listeners over a span of 7 days … but we didn’t quit … and, as it turned out, the darkest hour (obscurity) came right before dawn (explosive growth).

I forget that I’m only 20 and that my older more successful peers/mentors have been in the field so much longer than I have. It takes a good friend reminding me to stay the course and that it will all pan out.

I’m going to stay the course, but continue to evolve along the way. The podcasts and the posts are only going to get better, more valuable, and more actionable. The road to get here today hasn’t been easy, but I didn’t expect it to be. I make a promise to myself every day, that no matter how tough the process gets … I won’t quit. I’m not stopping. I’m not going away anytime soon.

If you’ve been reading these posts and listening to the podcast, consider yourself an early adopter. Pretty soon though, we’re going to blow up this message of growth and giving. We’re going to “change the world,” whatever that means. I promise.

Can’t stop won’t stop,

Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris

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p.s. to prepare for the day when there are multiple thousands of posts (we’re at 150+), I’ve created a minimalist blog site to house all my posts for the long-term because I don’t want to stress this site’s database out too much.

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