A College Degree Is A Receipt

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A College Degree Is A Receipt

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When a cashier hands me a receipt, I always say, “no thanks, you can throw it away.”

When I get my college degree, I’ll probably say the same thing.

Nowadays, a college degree is not any more valuable than a receipt.

It’s proof that you were scammed by the system into forking over $120K so that you can get a restaurant job or a boring low-end job behind a desk for 40 years. Most disturbing, it’s proof that you conformed to societal norms.

The worst part is that the return and refund policy is terrible!!

At least with a store receipt, I can return and get a refund for my items if I choose to keep the receipt.

But not with formal education… you’re stuck with that buyer’s remorse.

Turns out that a degree is actually less valuable than a store receipt then.

Formal education is a huge scam.

School is a social construct, learning is not.

Something needs to change and while it sucks now, it’s definitely encouraging that many people, including professors, seem to be rallying around this cause.

Cheers, to progress.

p.s. check out the firestorm of debate of nearly 200 comments and 40,000 views I stirred up by posting this on LinkedIn

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